PANGAEA(tm), International Consultants is a full- service global marketing and business development consulting firm, with a cutting-edge line of online global business tools and services helping companies and entrepreneurs meet the challenges of conducting cross-cultural business. Our strategic approach to market planning/global expansion and development, marketing research/intelligence and analysis gives our clients a competitive advantage in the global marketplace and delivers actionable marketing results.

PANGAEA's interactive global commerce network -- @PANGAEA.NET -- helps member firms develop their international businesses by providing online, real-time marketing planning capability. Through a joint effort of PANGAEA, International Consultants and PANGAEACommunications we deliver a suite of online interactive global business and marketing information services, including:

PANGAEA offers solutions to everyday business problems. PANGAEA's tools give its clients and the members of @PANGAEA.NET a competitive advantage to help them achieve higher productivity by reducing turnaround time, improving efficiency and enabling them to be more responsive to their own clients' and staffs' issues. PANGAEA's services will help @PANGAEA.NET members cut costs for personnel, travelling, phone calls and couriers as well as the related time lags involved.

Our brochure provides a more comprehensive overview of what we do, and includes our bios.

PANGAEACommunications is an internet presence provider. Through this division we design, host, promote and maintain our clients' business presence on the internet. We offer a full spectrum of internet services, including: email, telnet, gopher, ftp, worlwide web (WWW), newsgroups and more. Our premiere internet gateway, @pangaea.net, is destined to become the most comprehensive global business network interchange on the internet for leading edge companies.