Promotional Benefits

As a PANGAEA.NET(tm) Member organization, your firm automatically receives the benefits of PANGAEA's aggressive promotional activities.

Our promotional activities bring more visitors to the site, which means more opportunities to see your listing. PANGAEA's PR activities include targeted mailings to global businesses on- and off-line, public appearances and press coverage in relevant business publications, awards and more.

Awards and Recognition:

Public appearances include:

We have had recent write-ups in:

PANGAEA.NET members benefit members. Our promotional activities and those of other members benefit you as it brings more visitors to the site. And we encourage each of you to explore cooperative business opportunities with one another and with PANGAEA(R).

We use membership/listing dues collected to promote the site as a consortium of global business entitities. Aggregate dollars go further to promote like information than individual outlays. The bottom line is more visibility for all of our members, because we are pooling the resources. Find out more about Membership Benefits.

Last Updated 12/6/00