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November 1995 -- special issue

In honor of Beth's trip to Vietnam (China and Hong Kong), we present a special feature this month in an effort to provide actionable and timely perspectives, business trends and insights. We present a special focus this month on Vietnam -- an insider's perspective and point of view on the opportunities and barriers to conducting business in this market.

It is a think-piece, intended to spark discussion in our bulletin board.

Please feel free to share your comments, opinions and ideas about Vietnam as a business opportunity for Asia, Europe, the Americas, or elsewhere.

In the new year, we will feature a similar piece about Doing Business in China -- a special contribution from our Beijing affiliate.

"Doing Business in Vietnam-- an insider's perspective"

Focus on Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is reemerging as a hot topic after 20 years of isolation by the West.

It is not surprising, therefore, that this nation represents one of the least understood countries of the world, despite having been one of the most publicized. What little information most people have about Vietnam is largely based on undeserved notoriety, rather than the facts - either through one-sided news accounts during the Vietnam War and the French occupation, countless American war movies, or the stigma of the boat people.

However, what truly exists and what the country has to offer are a far cry from the perceptions. In testimony to that, the Vietnamese have made a remarkable economic turnaround within the last few years, fueled by the Doi Moi opening up policy. And 1995 marks the long awaited acknowledgement of that. This year has been a "coming out" party - specifically, ASEAN membership and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the US.

For more information about investing in Vietnam or other foreign markets, or if you would like an in-depth market study, contact PANGAEA, International Consultants. With an extensive network of marketing consultants, attorneys, logistics experts and more around the world, PANGAEA is uniquely qualified to offer hands-on, local marketing and management consulting services.

Why should you be considering business in Vietnam?

Who's doing what?

What should you be selling?

Consumer profile

More Observations, Suggestions and Recommendations

What problems will you face?

Latest happenings and trends to watch

To keep up on what's new in Vietnam this month, keep checking back here for regular news "snippets," as they occur. And if you have news to contribute, we'll print it.

For more information: Vietnam -- Basic Facts



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