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January 1996 issue

  • CUBA -- New Year's Day, January 1st, marked Cuba's 37th anniversary of the revolution which brought Fidel Castro to power. The Cuban economy improved during 1995, marking an end to years of decline. Gross domestic product (GDP) rose 2.5%, after a drastic drop of almost 35% in the five years prior (between 1989 and 1994). (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • GERMANY -- January 27th has been declared a national day of remembrance in Germany for the victims of Nazism. This is the same day (in 1945) that the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. Auschwitz remains the symbol of the Nazi's racist and genocidal policies. President Roman Herzog proclaimed this day of national importance to insure that future generations never forget the terror and atrocities of the Third Reich and to be sure that nothing comparable will ever happen again. (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • EUROPE -- Euro is approved as Europe's common currency by the European Union's heads of state and government last month (12/95). It will go into circulation 1/1/99, for non-cash transactions only. Euro bills and coins (cash) are expected to be released 1/1/02, when the currency is scheduled to go into general circulation. By mid-year (July 1) 2002, national currencies of participating European countries will no longer be legal tender. Participating countries will be selected in early 1998, based on 1997 economic data and its compliance with currency stability requirements outlined in the Maastricht Treaty. There is quite a bit of controversy over this common currency and what it means for European trade and pricing policies. What do you think about it?
    (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • GERMANY -- is concerned about its high unemployment rate, over 9%. The government is looking to small- and medium-sized businesses to boost the economy, paying particular attention to new businesses and self-employment, according to Chancellor Helmut Kohl. It is estimated that each business start-up accounts for an average of four additional people employed. This high unemployment feeds into the growing gap between the rich and the poor in Germany. And according to Bishop Klaus Engelhard of Hannover, this "threatens Germany's social consensus." (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • GERMANY -- Europe Online (EOL) launched in Germany December 15, 1995. It is among the first of the major commercial online services to be built to operate on the internet. This newcomer joins the increasingly competitive enviroment of online service providers vying for subscribers -- among the existing players are AOL Europa, CompuServe, Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft. EOL is based in Luxembourg and provides multilingual services -- in English, French and German. Burda Verlag has a 30% stake in this venture. Axel Springer Verlag, originally part of the team, pulled out of this venture to join Bertelsmann and Deutsche Telekom and particpate in AOL Europa. (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • Internet, WORLD -- What would you pay to advertise online globally? According to a recent article in Ad Age, the most expensive ad space sold to date was purchased by Microsoft Corp. for US$225,000 on the SuperBowl Web site. The agency handling ad sales for the site estimated 5.6 million visits during the six-week run, but wouldn't guarantee it. ESPN claims a similar level of visits and charges US$37,000/month. (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • CHINA -- Despite controversy in China over the development of the internet and its implications for security and information control, important steps have been taken to modernize China's global communications capabilities and competitive status in the global economy. Late last year (11/95), the Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) signed a contract with CTC Communications Development Co. Ltd. and AsiaInfo Computer Network Inc. to build CHINANET, which is expected to become one of the world's most advanced internet gateways. CHINANET covers 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions with 31 nodes. This project is expected to be completed by June 1996 and represents the growing opportunities for international trade with China. The CTC Communications Development Co. Ltd. is affiliated with the MPT and AsiaInfo Computer Network Inc. It is a US-funded enterprise that specializes in computer networking. (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • CHINA -- Meanwhile, the government of China just announced (1/17/95) that it would be restricting access to foreign information. Foreign wire services, such as Reuters and Dow Jones (already in China), will be affected and are required to register their services with with the New China News Agency, in order to have appropriate supervision imposed. This added layer in the news delivery process delays receipt and may have pronounced effects on China's economic situation, including the securities industry. Moreover, this has further implications for the development of the internet in China, for China's and Hong Kong's economic future, and may also affect China's bid to enter the World Trade Organization. Please (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • VIETNAM and CHINA -- Vietnam and China, powerful and influential neighbors, will re-establish cross-border railway service along their 1300km shared border by April of this year. We expect the transit of goods to follow, as China gains access to Vietnam's port of Haiphong. Although trade between the two countries was heavy in the 1960's, it ended in 1978 when Vietnam invaded Cambodia to oust the Beijing-backed governement. Their long entwined history, Vietnam's strong re-emergence and recent ASEAN membership leave us with many questions about this reunion. We welcome your thoughts on this. (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

  • SOUTH AFRICA, FRANCE and ASIA -- South Africa will be a top contender to host the 2006 World Cup, according to a Jornal do Brasil interview with FIFA president, Joao Havelange. The 1998 World Cup will be played in France, and FIFA will decide, this year, on the site of the 2002 World Cup, the first to be played in Asia. Japan and South Korea are vying to be its host. (Source: YOUR LINK HERE)

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