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PANGAEA(R)'s mission is to become the leading, most comprehensive source and reference for international business activities -- from information collection and strategy development through tactical implementation -- a one-stop global commerce shop.

Our efforts are focused on fostering improved communications and global understanding of the consumer marketplace and global business practices, understanding cultural similarities and differences and other factors affecting global economic development.

Your input and contributions are critical to its evolution and will form the basis of much of its content -- a truly interactive site. We welcome your contributions and suggestions.

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PANGAEA(R), International Consultants
PANGAEA has been on the internet, and conducting business for over three years. One of PANGAEA's founders has been a pioneer in the international marketing and research arena, having created one of the largest, most comprehensive global consumer attitude and usage studies in the world. Moreover, PANGAEA is credited with conducting the first global marketing research study among TEENS via the internet in 1994.

Digital Connection(R)
The other founder of PANGAEACommunications(tm) is a leader in the multimedia and graphical user interface burgeoning software development industry. Digital Connection(R) is one of the original consulting firms hired by a leading US commercial online service to develop their architecture and is currently one of their largest outsourcing consultancies for software development. Digital Connection, above all, is revered for creative and progressive software development in multimedia and online services. They are among the leaders in Java programming applications.

PANGAEA(R) is divided into two highly integrated divisions:


We offer a variety of options for companies looking for an internet presence. Each of these may be tailored to your requirements for design or flexibility to meet your business objectives and budgets. We can go as far as setting up an independent site for you to as simple as promoting your business via the internet channels. We offer a full range of consulting services to get you online -- with a graphic design studio, software design consultants, with expertise in cgi programming, html, database development, graphic user interface design, multimedia systems, etc. as well as a full-service global marketing team.

We'd like to help you get online. Here are some options:

In addition, we are adding a variety of features to the site, including searchable chat boards to link with our internet publication, as well as other discussion areas for global business members to converse, get acquainted and share insights. Go to Future Features(tm) for more information and upcoming highlights.


Because of the high-end calibre of our clientele, we assure you the highest level of confidentiality. We do not sell, rent or loan our customer information to other organizations for commercial purposes. No information is disclosed without prior consent. For further information about our privacy policies, please contact the site administrator.
Updated: 5/20/20