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The Best American Short Stories of the Century
by John Updike and Katrina Kenison; hardcover; List: $28.00
@ $19.60
Life Strategies : Doing What Works, Doing What Matters
by Phillip C., Ph.D. McGraw; List: $21.95
@ $15.37
The Motley Fool Investment Guide: How the Fools Beat Wall Street's Wise Men and How You Can Too
by David Gardner, Tom Gardner; List: $13.00
@ $10.40
The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money (Great Minds Series)
by John Maynard Keynes; List: $11.95
@ $9.56
Elements of Style
by William Strunk, White E. B., E. B. White; List: $6.95
@ $5.56
Making of the English Working Class
by Edward P. Thompson; List: $25.00
@ $20.00
Business @ the Speed of Thought : Using a Digital Nervous System
by Bill Gates, Collins Hemingway; List: $30.00
@ $18.00
Direct from Dell : Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry
by Michael Dell, Catherine Fredman; List: $26.00
@ $18.20


Business Etiquette:
Do's and Taboos Around the World
by Roger E. Axtell (Editor); List: $15.95
@ $12.76
Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors
by Roger E. Axtell; List: $17.95
@ $14.36
Going International: How to Make Friends and Deal Effectively in the Global Marketplace
by Lennie Copeland, Lewis Griggs; Paperback; List: $14.95
@ $11.96
Rules of the Game: Global Business Protocol
by Nan Leaptrott; Paperback; List: $36.95
@ $29.56
Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in Sixty Countries
by Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, George A. Borden; Paperback; List: $19.95
@ $15.96
Blunders in International Business
by David A. Ricks
@ $18.95

Country/Region-Specific Titles:
Argentina Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
ASIA - regional
Put Your Best Foot Forward: Asia: A Fearless Guide to International Communication and Behavior
by Mary Murray Bosrock; Paperback
@ $22.95
The Asian Mind Game : Unlocking the Hidden Agenda of the Asian Business Culture : A Westerner's Survival Manual
by Chin-Ning Chu; List: US$26.00
@ $18.20
Social Change and Educational Problems in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong
by John Naisbitt; Hardcover
@ $45.00
Megatrends Asia : Eight Asian Megatrends That Are Reshaping Our World
by John Naisbitt; Paperback; List: US$12.00 (Hardcover US$16.80)
@ $9.60
The Market for Consumer Products in Southeast Asia
Since the 1980s, Asia's so-called Tiger Economies have not only clocked in record growth rates but also maintained this performance for a duration never before seen in the West or anywhere else. This new report from FIND/SVP provides a timely analysis of trends and opportunities on the fast-growing consumer markets in this region. The countries covered are Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The report gives readers an in-depth overview of the market in five key consumer sectors: food and beverages, toiletries and cosmetics, pharamceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics, and building materials. It examines the factors driving growth in each of these sectors, with market forecasts to the year 2001. It also identifies the main international and domestic players, analyzes their market strategies, and discusses their recent activities. Individual chapters can be purchased for $500 each. August, 1997; c. 200 pages.
@ $2,500.00
Australia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Austria Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business With Austria/East Europe International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Bahrain Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Cameroon Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Recent Social Trends in Quebec, 1960-1990 (Comparative Charting of Social Change in Contemporary Society)
by Simon Langlois; Hardcover
@ $70.00
Canada Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Chile Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Business Guide to Modern China (Internationl Business Series, No. 3)
by Jon Alston, Stephen Yonqxin He; Paperback
@ $29.95
Chinese Etiquette & Ethics in Business
by Boye Lafayette Demente; Paperback; List: US$16.95
@ $13.56
Business China: A Practical Guide to Understanding Chinese Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$7.95
@ $6.36
Passport China: Your Pocket Guide to Chinese Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Jenny Li, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
China Pop : How Soap Operas, Tabloids and Bestsellers Are Transforming a Culture
by Jianying Zha; Paperback; List: US$12.00 (Hardcover; List US$20.00; You pay US$14.00)
@ $9.60
China Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business in China: 1996 International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Colombia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Costa Rica Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Conflict and Change in Cuba
by Enrique A. Baloyra, James A. Morris; Paperback; List: $20.95
@ $16.76
Cuba : The Land and the People
by Rick Graetz (Photographer); Paperback; List: $14.95
@ $11.96
Cuba : A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit (1997 Ed.)
by David Stanley; Paperback; List: $17.95
@ $14.36
Czechoslovakia, 1918-92 : A Laboratory for Social Change (St. Antony's Series)
by Jaroslav Krejci, Pavel MacHonin; Hardcover; List: $49.95
@ $34.96
Czech Republic Country Report (Czech & Slovak Republics) [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Denmark Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Dominican Republic Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Ecuador Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Development, Change, and Gender in Cairo: A View from the Household (Indiana Series in Arab and Islamic Studies)
by Diane Singerman, Homa Hoodfar ; Paperback; List: $17.95 (Hardcover, US$39.95 )
@ $14.36
The Mobilization of Muslim Women in Egypt
by Ghada Hashem Talhami; Hardcover
@ $39.95
Egypt Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
El Salvador in the Eighties: Counterinsurgency and Revolution
by Mario Lungo, Arthur Schmidt, Mario Lungo Ucles, arth Schmidt; Paperback; List: $19.95
@ $15.96
Estonia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Consumer Europe 1997
13th edition; statistical compendium of latest consumer trends in W. Europe. Data drawn from ongoing research program, covering 240+ consumer goods markets across 17 European countries. Provides volume and value figures and forecasts until 2007. 650 pages. [
@ $1,050.00
Put Your Best Foot Forward: Europe: A Fearless Guide to International Communication and Behavior (1)
by Mary Murray Bosrock; Paperback
@ $22.95
Mind Your Manners: Managing Business Cultures in Europe
by John Mole; Paperback; List: $17.95
@ $14.36
Europe for Women in Business
by Tracey Wilen, Patricia Wilen PhD.; Paperback
@ $12.95
Finland Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Recent Social Trends in France, 1960-1990 (Comparative Charting of Social Change)
by Michel Forse, Jean-Pierre Jaslin, Yannick Lemel; Hardcover
@ $70.00
France Since 1945
by Robert Gildea; Hardcover
@ $32.00
Passport France: Your Pocket Guide to French Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Nadine Joseph, Tom Watson, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business France: A Practical Guide to Understanding French Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: $7.95
@ $6.36
Guide to Correspondence in French/Guide de Correspondance en Francais: A Practical Guide to Social and Commercial Correspondence
by Simone Oudot, J.S. Oudot; Paperback
@ $7.16
France Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Gabon Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Germany Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport Germany: Your Pocket Guide to German Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Roland Flamini; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business Germany: A Practical Guide to Understanding German Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: $6.95
@ $5.56
Drink, Power, and Cultural Change : A Social History of Alcohol in Ghana, C. 1800 to Recent Times (Social History of Africa Series)
by Emmanuel Kwaku Akyeampong; Paperback; List: $23.95 (Hardcover, US$60.00 )
@ $19.16
Ghana Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Greece Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Guatemala Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Hong Kong Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport Hong Kong: Your Pocket Guide to Hong Kong Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Andrew Grzeskowiak, Tom Watson, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Hungary Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Cultural Atlas of India : India, Pakistan, Nepal, Butan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka (Atlas Of...)
by Gordon Johnson; Hardcover; List: $50.00
@ $35.00
Passport India: Your Pocket Guide to Indian Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Manoj Joshi, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Class Formation and Political Transformation in Post-Colonial India (Social Change and Poliitcal Discourse in India, Vol 4)
by T. V. Sathymurthy; Hardcover
@ $39.95
Region, Religion, Caste, Gender and Culture in Contemporary India (Social Change and Political Discourse in India, Vol 3)
by T. V. Sathymurthy; Hardcover
@ $45.00
Georeferenced, multi-dimensional database for India; includes cartographic and selected statistical data from state, district, town and other sources. Available on 3.5" or 5.25" high density diskettes in Lambert's conical projection; can also be provided in geographical coordinates. 1996. Please specify diskette type. [
@ $2,495.00
The Consumer Products Market in India
In 1991, India began taking dramatic steps to open its doors to international business, ending over four decades of protectionism. Today, India's economy is booming. Nowhere is that more evident than in its consumer market which is possibly the world's biggest in a wide range of categories even though it remains vastly underdeveloped. Multinational giants like PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Revlon, and Sony are flocking to India. This FIND/SVP report has everything you need to pinpoint opportunities and do business in India. The report analyzes five key sectors: food and beverages, cosmetics and toiletries, pharmaceuticals, medical products, and construction materials. It examines factors driving growth, with forecasts to 2001. The report takes an in-depth look at free market reforms, the Indian consumer, distribution channels, and advertising trends. Profiles of leading players—both Indian and multinational—are provided. Individual chapters (covering each of the five sections) can be purchased for $500 each. October, 1996; 391 pages.
@ $2,750.00
India Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business With India International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Indonesia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business With Indonesia International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Ireland: A Directory 1997
Annual compilation from the Institute of Public Administration in Ireland; updated/expanded for '97; profiles 2000+ major organizations (private and public). Entries include contact details, info about activities, financials, subsidiaries and key personnel. 500 pages. [
@ $140.00
Ireland Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Children of Israel (through the eyes of children)
by Connie Bickman; Library Binding -- for Children 4-8
@ $22.83
Palestine and the Palestinians
by Samih K. Farsoun, Christina E. Zacharia; Hardcover; List: $34.00
@ $23.80
One Land, Two Peoples: The Conflict over Palestine (Dilemmas in World Politics)
by Deborah Gerner; Paperback
@ $19.00
Israel's Changing Society: Population, Ethnicity and Development
by Calvin Goldscheider; Paperback
@ $22.00
Descent through males: an anthrolopolical investigation into the patterns underlying social hierarchy, kinship and marriage among former Bedouin in the Ramla-Lod area (Israel)
by Gideon M. Kressel; Out of print -- will query network
@ $n/a
Israel in the Nineties: Development and Conflict
by Frederick A. Lazin and Gregory S. Mahler; Hardcover
@ $49.95
People of Israel
by Shalom Sesame Vvafr 4; VHS Video; List: $22.99
@ $22.99
Consider and Hear Me: Voices from Palestine and Israel
by Sal A. Slapikoff; Hardcover; List: $49.95; paperback - $18.36
@ $34.97
Focus on Palestine [Preview]
by Megan Smolenyak; Report

@ $100.00
Israel: The Holy Land
by Video Visits Vvivn 250; VHS Video; List: $24.99
@ $21.24
Israel: A Land for Everyone
by Video Visits; VHS Video
@ $24.99
Culture Shock! Israel
by Dick Winter; Paperback; List: $12.95
@ $10.36
Israel Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Italy Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport Italy: Your Pocket Guide to Italian Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Claudia Gioseffi; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business Italy: A Practical Guide to Understanding Italian Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$5.95
@ $4.76
Ivory Coast Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Jamaica Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Japan Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business in Japan International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Doing Business With Japanese Men: A Women's Handbook
by Christalyn Brannen, Tracey Wilen; Paperback; List: $9.95
@ $7.96
Business Guide to Japan: Opening Doors, and Closing Deals (Quick-Guides)
by Boye Demente; Paperback
@ $7.95
Etiquette Guide to Japan: Know the Rules That Make the Difference (Japan Quick Guides)
by Boye Demente; Paperback; List: $5.95
@ $4.76
How to Do Business With the Japanese/a Complete Guide to Japanese Customs and Business Practices
by Boye Demente; Paperback; List: $17.95
@ $14.36
Japanese Etiquette & Ethics in Business
by Boye Demente; Paperback; List: $14.95
@ $11.96
Passport Japan: Your Pocket Guide to Japanese Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Dean Engel, Ken Murakami, Patrick Bray; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
On Track With the Japanese; A Case-by-Case Approach to Building Successful Relationships
by Patricia Gercik, Maya Rao; Paperback; List: $14.00
@ $11.20
Business Japan: A Practical Guide to Understanding Japanese Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$5.95
@ $4.76
Japanese Business Etiquette: A Practical Guide to Success With the Japanese
by Diana Rowland; Paperback; List: US$13.99
@ $11.19
Doing Business in Kazahkstan International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Customer Special Request: Kenya
Customer looking for Books/Articles/Reports about the psychological components of executives from different tribes having to work together. Any recommendations, please email us and indicate "Kenya Book/Report Suggestions" in Subject Line. Posted 7/19/99
Kenya Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Africa Give me Your Eyes: Stories About Meeting Peopel in Kenya
by Mathew Haumann, R. Van Eyndhoven; Paperback
@ $10.80
by Wambu Kairi; January 2000
@ $(to be announced)
The World of Swahili: an African Mercantile Civilization
by John Middleton; Hardcover
@ $40.00
The Way the World is: Cultural Processes and Social Relations Among the Mombasa Swahili
by Marc J. Swartz; Hardcover
@ $55.00
Country Strategy Studies: Kenya
Puts strategic planners on the fast track. Ten chapters provide: an overview of how to strategically access the country, a discussion on economic fundamentals, marketing & distribution options, export and direct investment options, and full risk assessments (political, cultural, legal, human resources). Each chapter provides statistical benchmarks and comparative graphs. [#ICN389] 1999; 137 pages.
@ $1,370.00
Asia's Next Giant : South Korea and Late Industrialization
by Alice H. Amsden; Paperback; List: $15.95
@ $12.76
Korean Etiquette and Ethics in Business
by Boye Lafayette Demente; Paperback; List: $16.95
@ $13.56
The Confucian Transformation of Korea : A Study of Society and Ideology (Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series, No 36)
by Martina Deuchler; Hardcover
@ $35.00
Passport Korea: Your Pocket Guide to Korean Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Kevin Keating, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business Korea : A Practical Guide to Understanding South Korean Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: $5.95
@ $4.76
A Cross-Cultural Reference of Business Practices in a New Korea
by Eun Young Kim, Un-Yong Kim; Hardcover
@ $55.00
Doing Business With Korea (Global Business Series)
by Paul A. Leppert; Paperback; List: $12.95
@ $10.36
The Business of Korean Culture
by Richard Saccone; Hardcover
@ $22.95
The Business of Korean Culture
by Richard Saccone; Paperback
@ $14.45
South Korea Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Kuwait Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Put Your Best Foot Forward South America
by Mary Bosrock (Illustrator), Craig J. MacIntosh; Paperback
@ $22.95
Latvia Country Report (included in Baltic countries report) [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Lithuania Country Report (included in Baltic countries report) [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Luxembourg Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Malaysia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
The Challenge of Working and Living in Mexico [PREVIEW]
by Dr. Marc Ehrlich

@ $25.00 (including postage)
Business Mexico : Business and Investment Opportunities in North America's Hottest Economy
by J. K. Fedorowicz, et al
@ $35.00
Business Mexico: A Practical Guide to Understanding Mexican Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$5.95
@ $4.76
Doing Business With Mexico (Global Business Series)
by Paul Leppert; Paperback; List: US$12.95
@ $10.36
Passport Mexico: Your Pocket Guide to Mexican Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Randy Malat, Tom Watson, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business in Mexico: Managerial Behavior, Protocol, and Etiquette (Haworth Marketing Resources)
by Candace Bancroft McKinniss, Arthur, Jr. Natella; Hardcover (Paperback, US$19.95)
@ $59.95
Business International's Guide to Doing Business in Mexico
by Gray Newman, Anna Szterenfeld
@ $34.95
Mexico Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business in Mexico International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Morocco Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Put Your Best Foot Forward: Mexico Canada: A Fearless Guide to Communication and Behavior: Nafta (3)
by Mary Murray Bosrock; Paperback
@ $14.95
Netherlands Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
New Zealand Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Nigeria Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Norway Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Oman Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Pakistan Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Focus on Palestine [CH] [SELECT] @ $10.00 [summary]; $100.00 [full report]
Panama Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Peru Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Philippines Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport Philippines: Your Pocket Guide to Filipino Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Luis H. Francia, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Poland Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Portugal Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Puerto Rico Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Qatar Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Romania Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Put Your Best Foot Forward Russia: A Fearless Guide to International Communication and Behavior (4)
by Mary Bosrock, Craig J. MacIntosh (Illustrator); Paperback
@ $11.95
The Coming Russian Boom : A Guide to New Markets and Politics
by P. R. G. Layard, John Parker, Richard Layard; List: $27.50
@ $19.25
Russian Etiquette & Ethics in Business
by Drew Wilson, Lloyd Donaldson; List: $16.95
@ $13.56
Russia Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business in Russia International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Saudi Arabia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Singapore Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Slovak Republic Country Report (Czech & Slovak Republics) [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
South Africa Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business in South Africa (coming summer 1998)International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Spain Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Business Spain: A Practical Guide to Understanding Spanish Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$5.95
@ $4.76
Passport Spain: Your Pocket Guide to Spanish Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Himilce Novas, Rosemary E. Silva, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Sweden Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Switzerland Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport Taiwan: Your Pocket Guide to Taiwanese Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Jeffrey E. Curry, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business Taiwan: A Practical Guide to Understanding Taiwan's Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$5.95
@ $4.76
The Great Transformation : Social Change in Taipei, Taiwan Since the 1960s (Taiwan in Modern World.)
by Robert M. Marsh; Paperback; List: $27.95 (Hardcover US$62.95)
@ $22.36
Taiwan Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business With Taiwan: Republic of China International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Thailand Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport Thailand: Your Pocket Guide to Thai Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Naomi Wise; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Tunisia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Turkey Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Ukraine Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
United Arab Emirates Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
United Kingdom Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Passport United Kingdom: Your Pocket Guide to British Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Timothy Harper, Tom Watson, Barbara Szerlip; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Business U.K.: A Practical Guide to Understanding British Business Culture
by Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy; Paperback; List: US$5.95
@ $4.76
United States of America Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Target: The U.S. Asian Market: A Practical Guide to Doing Business
by Anqi Ma Wong; Paperback
@ $27.50
Passport USA: Your Pocket Guide to American Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Larry K. Peterson (Editor), Dean Williams Engel; Paperback; List: US$6.95
@ $5.56
Uruguay Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Venezuela Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Vietnam : A Kick Start Guide for Business Travelers
by Guy Brooks, Victoria Brooks; Paperback; List: $9.95
@ $7.96
Passport Vietnam : Your Pocket Guide to Vietnamese Business, Customs & Etiquette ('Passport to the World)
by Jeffrey E. Curry, Molly Thurmond, Chinh T. Nguyen; Paperback; List: $6.95
@ $5.56
Quiet American (Modern Library Series)
by Graham Greene; Paperback; List: $13.50
@ $9.45
Vietnam : Business Opportunities and Risks
by Joseph P. Quinlan; Paperback; List: $19.95
@ $15.96
Passage to Vietnam : Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers
by Rick Smolan, Jennifer Erwitt; Hardcover; List: $50.00
@ $35.00
Vietnam Country Report[CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Doing Business in Vietnam -- an insider's perspective Report by Sam Pyun and Beth Stone of PANGAEA [PREVIEW] @ $10.00 [page]
$250 [full report]
Doing Business in Vietnam International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Zambia Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00
Zimbabwe Country Report [CH] [SELECT] @ $60.00

General - Business/Management & Marketing:

Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook
by Scott Adams; List: $16.00
@ $11.20
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
by James C. Collins, Jerry I. Porras; List: $15.00
@ $12.00
Management Challenges for the 21st Century
by Peter F. Drucker; List: $27.50
@ $16.50
Competing for the Future
by Gary Hamel, C.K. Prahalad; List: $12.95
@ $10.36
Thinking in the Future Tense : Leadership Skills for a New Age
by Jennifer James; List: $23.00
@ $16.10
Cases in International Business Strategy (Contemporary Business)
by Werner Ketelhohn Escobar, et al
@ $39.95
The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time
by Don Peppers, Martha, Phd Rogers; List: $15.95
@ $12.76
Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance
by Michael E. Porter; List: $37.50
@ $26.25
Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It
by Al Ries; List: $25.00
@ $17.50
Enterprise One to One: Tools for Competing in the Interactive Age
by Don Peppers, Martha Rogers; Paperback; List: $15.95 (Hardcover US$24.95 ; Cassette; List: $16.99; You pay: US$11.89)
@ $12.76
Winning the Race for Value : Strategies to Create Competitive Advantage in the Emerging 'Age of Abundance'
by Barry Sheehy, Hyler Bracey, Rick J. Frazier; List: $24.95
@ $17.47
Corporate Culture Team Culture : Removing the Hidden Barriers to Team Success
by Jacalyn Sherriton, James L. Stern; List: $22.95
@ $16.07
The Rain on Macy's Parade : How Greed, Ambition, and Folly Ruined America's Greatest Store
by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg; List: $27.50
@ $19.25

General - Corporate Image Management:

Corporate Image Management: A Marketing Discipline for the 21st Century
by Steven Howard; List: $n/a
@ $24.95

General - International Marketing:

Interactive Global NEWStm PANGAEA's Monthly newsletter, updated daily [PREVIEW] @ $12.00/issue
Feature Articles on PANGAEA.NET [PREVIEW] Most priced at $12.00 each (prices vary)
ISO 9000: Quality Goes Global International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Real World of International Business: Why Go International? International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Real World of International Business: Picking a Target Country International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Real World of International Business: Strategy/Plan of Action International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Going Global in the 90's International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00
Preparing for the 21st Century International Issues video program [PREVIEW] @ $100.00

A Basic Guide to Exporting (1989)
by U.S. Department of Commerce; Paperback; List: $9.95
@ $7.96
A Basic Guide to Exporting (1996)
by Alexandra Woznick (Editor), United States Dept. of Commerce, Edward G. Hinkelman; Paperback; List: $16.50
@ $13.20

The Asia & Japan Business Information Sourcebook
by Christopher Engholm
@ $40.50
Analyzing Your Competition
Low-cost strategies for intelligence gathering! Newly revised! This invaluable guidebook is filled with hundreds of free and low-cost references, addresses, phone numbers, techniques, and strategies intended to help you access—and use—"proprietary information" about any company or industry. Find out about new products—before they hit the market. Gain a full understanding of why you need competitive intelligence, what you can learn from it, and how to become the "ideal" competitive intelligence professional. Includes a checklist of specific questions to ask and a list of professional organizations. 1997. 311 pages.
@ $95.00

Women in Business:
Do's and Taboos Around the World for Women in Business
by Roger E. Axtell (Editor), Margaret Corcoran; List: $16.95
@ $13.56
How to Succeed in Business Without a Penis : Secrets and Strategies for the Working Woman
by Karen Salmansohn; List: $21.00
@ $14.70
Asia for Women on Business : Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea
by Tracey Wilen, Patricia Wilen; List: $15.00
@ $12.00


Beverages - alcoholic
The International Market for Prepared Cocktails and Alcohol Carbonates
This all-new report from Packaged Facts analyzes the controversial but booming U.S. and international markets for alcoholic soft drinks (already $640 million worldwide) and ready-to-drink cocktails (nearly $1 billion). With as many as 60 marketers of alcoholic soft drinks waiting for government approval to market their products in the United States, and with over 60 brands on the market in the United Kingdom, competitors must find ways to secure a niche in this young and growing segment. Packaged Facts' pioneering study analyzes the sales and growth potential of this emerging market and assesses the products, the consumers, and the controversy. You'll find out what marketers as diverse as Bass, Brown-Forman, Seagram, Cott, Miller, and Minnesota Brewing are doing to dispel misgivings and create consumer interest as they compete for market share. Individual chapters can be purchased for $500 each. March, 1997. 160+ pages.
@ $2,500.00

Beverages - non-alcoholic
Cold Beverage Monitor
Studies by RBI Foodservice Research Center analyzes cold beverage usage in both commercial and non-commercial food service market. Soft drinks, bottled water, iced tea/coffee/cappuccino, fruit juice, dairy products, non-alcoholic cocktails and cold beverage dispensing systems. Charts/graphs summarize overall incidence, brand preference, purchase forms, serving sizes, pricing, purchase sources. Tables include market share info by type of ownership, operation type, menu type and region. February, 1995. 310+ pages.
SELECT] - commercial food service market
[SELECT] - NON-commercial food service market
@ $475.00
The International Market for Fruit- and Vegetable-Based Beverages
Latest info on new products/trends, juice blends, packaging, labeling issues; strong focus on new products & consumption trends, competitive environment and international markets. Comprehensive demographic info; also focus on key drivers that impact consumption. Quantifies market size/market share of major brands, usage patterns and trends by region. Forecasts through 2001. Key industry players profiled. January, 1997. 409 pages.
@ $2750.00
The Coffee and Tea Market
Comprehensive coverage of this US$8.6 bil market for coffee/tea products. Segments of coffee market covered: ground regular, decaffeinated products, whole beans, specialty coffee, instant regular, decaffeinated products. Segments of tea market: regular bagged and loose tea, herbal tea, instant iced tea and mixes, prepackaged ready-to-drink tea and specialty teas. Includes historic sales trends and forecasts to 2001. Profiles leading marketers and their market positions, demographic data on coffee/tea users. November, 1996. 221 pages.
@ $2250.00

The $2-billion U.S. bicycle and bicycle parts market has experienced relatively strong growth since the late 1980s. This Specialists in Business Information market profile provides in-depth data on U.S. factory shipments, U.S. imports and exports, and factors affecting domestic demand. Data on distribution channels are also provided to help you pinpoint profitable retail sales opportunities. The report includes profiles of over 40 worldwide marketers and manufacturers of bicycles. August, 1995; 138 pages.
@ $895.00

Cookware - Domestic & international markets!
Specialists in Business Information has compiled, analyzed, and summarized the pertinent data and information on the $6-billion U.S. cookware and cooking accessories market. Product sectors include bakeware, pots and pans, food preparation glassware, microwave cookware, and disposable aluminum cookware. The SBI market profile investigates these and other trends plus provides company profiles for over 25 worldwide cookware manufacturers and marketers. June, 1995; 122 pages.
@ $895.00

Health & Beauty
Hair Removal Products
The U.S. and European Markets for Women's Hair Removal Products
The women's hair removal market has recently exploded as products have been redesigned and marketed just for women. In this up-to-the-minute report from Packaged Facts, new product trends and designs are thoroughly examined for each of the major categories. See the ways in which these innovations have affected women's shaving products (disposable and nondisposable razors and blades), electric and mechanical hair removers, and depilatory products. Find out what strategies will be implemented by competitors in order to protect market share and compete with the leader, Gillette. Discover why drugstores are excited about these new products for women and the ways in which they plan to merchandise them. A detailed analysis of consumer behavior is provided, examining the frequency of product use and demographics of purchasers. Provides profiles of leading players, including market share data from Information Resources, Inc. January, 1997; 190+ pages.
@ $2,500.00
Skin Care
The International Skincare Market
The skincare market beyond U.S. borders enjoyed almost $19 billion in retail sales during 1995. This new Packaged Facts study covers the whole of that market with a special emphasis on Europe and its five leading markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.) The report also includes an analysis of the huge Japanese market. Chapters include information about the different market compositions in different countries, a close look at Europe's regulatory environment, general and regional factors shaping market growth, a survey of marketers and their niches, marketer shares, the competitive situation, marketing and product trends, and the retail systems in different countries. February, 1996; 199+ pages .
@ $3,250.00
Sun Care
The International Suncare Products Market
In the United States, this $580-million market is poised for steady growth as consumers in all demographic groups begin to understand the consequences of sun worship. Sunblocks, sunscreens, tanning products, sunless tanners, and after-sun products are becoming daily-use products, not just for beach outings. This Packaged Facts study provides detailed market data on all product categories as well as in-depth analysis of the advertising and promotion helping to drive the protection message home. Distribution channels, from the most prestigious to the mass market, receive careful analysis. Full profiles of major players are included — their market share, advertising expenditures, product initiatives, and more are provided for Estee Lauder, Pfizer, Panama Jack, and other leaders and innovaters. An international section values the European market for suncare products at $1.4 billion, while sales in Japan are pegged at only $120 million. May, 1996; 282+ pages.
@ $2,500.00

Industrial Automation
The International Market for Flowmeters
This comprehensive report from FIND/SVP analyzes the $2.7-billion world market for flowmeters and the forces driving growth into the next century. All common flowmeter technologies are covered, including: differential pressure, magnetic, mass, open channel, positive displacement, turbine, ultrasonic, variable area, and vortex. Special emphasis is placed on recent advances such as "smart" flowmeters. Detailed attention is paid to trends in international markets, particularly in Asia and Europe. More sophisticated applications and performance demands, in addition to environmental and quality regulations, are analyzed for their impact on the flowmeter market. Historical data since 1991 and forecast data through 2001 are presented by product type, by process industry end-use market, and by region and country. January, 1997; 258 pages.
@ $3,250.00
The World Market for Fieldbus & Intelligent Field Devices
This FIND/SVP study provides a detailed analysis of the burgeoning worldwide fieldbus and intelligent field devices (IFD) market. It covers the U.S., European, and Japanese markets and examines five types of intelligent devices in-depth: flow, pressure, level, temperature, and final control. Also included is an up-to-the-minute look at the market for the fieldbus. An exclusive survey of 2,500 end-users was conducted, and the results detail industry perceptions of product reliability, training, and service for leading marketers as well as future purchasing plans and price sensitivity. The report gives sales data for the past five years, 1994 year-end estimates, and forecasts through 1999. Marketing strategies of major marketers and discussions of overall trends by geographic area are featured. March, 1995; 287 pages.
@ $995.00
The World Market for Controllers and Advanced Control Technology Products
Intelligent Controllers & Artificial Intelligence in Process Control This FIND/SVP report assesses five decision-making models with commercial application in industrial automation: PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control, modo-predictive control, expert systems, fuzzy logic, and neural networks. Technology and product descriptions for each type of intelligence model are provided in addition to a discussion of overall trends. Forecasts and market size are given for controllers, advanced control technology, and software. The report assesses the U.S., European, Japanese, and Rest of World markets. A detailed discussion of marketing strategies is also included. September, 1995; 268 pages.
@ $3,250.00

Software/Technology Products
Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can't Get a Date
by Robert X. Cringely; List: $13.00
@ $10.40
Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers
by Geoffrey A. Moore; List: $14.00
@ $11.20
Inside the Tornado : Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley's Cutting Edge
by Geoffrey A. Moore; List: $26.00
@ $18.20
The U.S. and European Markets for Video Games and PC Entertainment Software
In this report from Packaged Facts, the dynamic growth of the market for video games and PC entertainment software is analyzed in depth. Already a $6-billion plus market, the industry is likely to enjoy double-digit growth well into the 21st century. The report segments the market into two major categories: video games (covering game console hardware, and console-based software, largely produced by hardware company licensees), and computer-based entertainment software (including CD-ROM and magnetic products). The report provides year-by-year, segment-by-segment forecasts through 2001—including an analysis of factors driving growth. It includes coverage of Western and Eastern Europe, including market size and projections through 2000, competitive activities of major marketers, trends in distribution and retailing, and consumer preferences. Over a dozen major players are profiled. July, 1996; 300+ pages.
@ $2,500.00

Sports-Related Products
The U.S. Market for Sports Nutritionals
This study examines the sports supplement industry and trends affecting the market. Annual retail sales of the sports nutrition market are projected to grow by nearly 10% annually through 2001. This report covers six product categories: Strength (body building); Fat Burners/Meal Replacements/Diet; Endurance; Energy (short-term); Exercise Recovery and Supportive Nutrition; and Exercise Injury Treatment (bruises, strains, sprains, sore muscles). It profiles leading companies, including Champion Nutrition, Experimental and Applied Sciences (EAS), General Nutrition Companies, Inc., Strength Systems USA/AmeriFit, Twin Laboratories, Inc., and Weider Nutrition International, Inc. It also describes what types of new products have been introduced over the past year, covers consumer fitness trends, and provides information on distribution systems for sport nutrition products. Individual chapters can be purchased for $500 each. August, 1997; 175+ pages.
@ $2,350.00


The Illusion of Choice: How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny (Suny Series in Environmental Public Policy)
by Andrew Bard Schmookler; Hardcover; List: $39.50
@ $27.65

Communism and Society
Karl Marx on Society and Social Change
by Karl Marx
@ $17.95
Marxism Today : Essays on Capitalism, Socialism, and Strategies for Social Change
by Chronis Polychroniou, Harry R. Targ; Hardcover
@ $59.95

Changing European Identities : Social Psychological Analyses of Social Change (International Series in Social Psychology)
by Glynis M. Breakwell, Evanthia Lyons
@ $39.95
Education and Social Transition in the Third World
by Martin Carnoy, Joel Samoff
@ $62.50
The Little Czech and the Great Czech Nation: National Identity and the Post-Communist Transformation of Society
by Ladislav Holy; Hardcover
@ $59.95
Domestic Sources of Global Change
by Zeev Maoz
@ $57.50
About-Face : How I Stumbled Onto Japan's Social Revolution
by Clayton Naff; List: $23.00
@ $16.10
Afghan Nomads in Transition : A Century of Change Among the Zala Khan Khel (The Carlsberg Foundation's Nomad Research Project)
by Gorm Pedersen, Ida Nicolaisen; List: $50.00
@ $35.00
Age and Structural Lag : Society's Failure to Provide Meaningful Opportunities in Work, Family, and Leisure
by Matilda White Riley, Robert L. Kahn, Anne Foner
@ $60.00
The 500-Year Delta: What Happens After What Comes Next
by Jim Taylor, Watts Wacker, Howard Means; List: $25.00
@ $17.50
Future Shock
by Alvin Toffler; List: $7.99
@ $6.39
Latin American Societies in Transition
by Robert C. Williamson
@ $65.00


Rites of Passage at $100,000 + : The Insider's Lifetime Guide to Executive Job-Changing and Faster Career Progress
by John Lucht; List: $29.95
@ $20.97

Personal Growth & Development
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
by Stephen R. Covey; List: $14.00
@ $11.20
The Tao of Personal Leadership
by Diane Dreher, Lao Tzu; List: $13.00
@ $10.40
The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work
by Arlie Hochschild; List: $22.50
@ $15.75
Success Is a Choice: Ten Steps to Overachieving in Business and Life
by Rick Pitino, Bill Reynolds; List: $25.00
@ $17.50


The Internet Marketing Plan : A Practical Handbook for Creating, Implementing and Assessing Your Online Presence
by Kim M. Bayne; List: $39.95
@ $31.96
Guerilla Web Strategies : How to Promote and Market Your Web Site
by Vince Gelormine; List: $24.99
@ $19.99
Electronic Marketing Manual
by Cecil C. Hoge
@ $34.95
Frontiers of Electronic Commerce
by Ravi Kalakota, Andrew B. Whinston
@ $49.50
Readings in Electronic Commerce
by Ravi Kalakota, Andrew B. Whinston
@ $55.25
Electronic Marketing
by Margo Komenar; List: $29.95
@ $23.96
Webonomics : Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web
by Evan I. Schwartz; List: $25.00
@ $17.50
Customers.Com: How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond
by Patricia B. Seybold (Contributor), R. T. Marshak; List: $27.50
@ $19.25
World Wide Web Marketing : Integrating the Internet into Your Marketing Strategy
by Jim Sterne; List: $24.95
@ $19.96
Customer Service on the Internet: Building Relationships, Increasing Loyalty, and Staying Competitive
by Jim Sterne; List: $24.95
@ $19.96
The International Market for Electronic Money
Digital cash will let consumers transact with anonymity. Banks will be able to dramatically reduce physical handling of paper checks and cash. This report describes market size and trends in electronic money products in the USA, Europe and Asia and includes prospects for the future. Identifies market applications and major players affecting the development and use of electronic money. February, 1997. 179 pages. [
@ $2750.00
World Smart Card Markets
Smart cards will grow to a billion dollar market worldwide. Globalization pushes smart cards into less developed regions, i.e. Latin America. This new Frost & Sullivan report pinpoints opportunities by region and further breaks down market analysis by country. Detailed revenue unit shipments and price data for products in each segment -- contact and contactless token memory, wired logic and microcontroller cards. Industry leaders profiled. March, 1997. 310 pages. [
@ $2950.00


Software Development/Programming:
Joachim Kim's Special Picks]
by Paul Albitz, Cricket Liu; Paperback; List: $32.95
@ $26.36
Vrml 2.0 Sourcebook
by Andrea L. Ames, et al; Paperback; List: $49.95
@ $39.96
Black Art of Java Game Programming; Joachim Kim/Digital Connection was Technical Editor on this book.
by Joel Fan, Eric Ries, Calin Tenitchi; Paperback; List: $49.99
@ $39.99
Graphic Java 1.2: Mastering the Jfc (Java Series, Vol. 1)
by David Geary; Paperback; List: $49.95
@ $39.96
Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Bible
by Brad Harris and Noelani Rodriquez; Paperback; List: $49.99
@ $39.99
Programming Active Server Pages (Microsoft Programming Series)
by Scott Hillier and Daniel Mezick; Paperback; List: $49.99
@ $39.99
Java Network Programming
by Merlin Hughes, et al; Paperback
@ $49.95
Talk Java to Me : The Interactive Click, Listen, and Learn Guide to Java Programming; Joachim Kim/Digital Connection was Technical Editor on this book.
by Harry McIntosh, Lynnzy Orr (Narrator); Paperback; List: $24.99
@ $19.99
Official Netscape Jfc Developer's Guide
by Sean Michaels; Paperback; List: $49.99
@ $39.99
Microsoft Windows Nt Server Resource Kit : For Windows Nt Server Version 4.0
by Micrsoft Press; Paperback; List: $149.99
@ $119.99
Client/Server Programming With Java and Corba
by Robert Orfali, Dan Harkey; Paperback; List: $49.99
@ $39.99
Programming Internet Controls
by Markus W. Pope, et al; Paperback; List: $45.00
@ $36.00
Java How-To : The Definitive Java Problem-Solver; Joachim Kim/Digital Connection was Technical Editor on this book.
by Madhu Siddalingaiah, Stephen D. Lockwood; Paperback; List: $39.99
@ $31.99
Applied Cryptography : Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C
by Bruce Schneier; Paperback; List: $49.95
@ $39.96
Core Java Foundation Classes (Core Series)
by Kim Topley, Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell; Paperback; List: $49.95
@ $39.96
Programming with Jfc
by Scott Weiner, Stephen Asbury; Paperback; List: $49.99
@ $39.99

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