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About Craighead Publications:

Craighead's Country Reports are country-specific guides for companies and individuals who are relocating and doing business abroad. Since 1977, over 1000 companies have purchased Craighead's information to share with their expatriates and international business travelers, and many have permanently integrated the reports into their international relocation programs.

Craighead's Country Reports are designed to inform the reader of everyday living and working issues in a particular country in an effort to help put that person at ease about going to a foreign location. The reports are written by a staff of professionals who source from in-country contacts on an ongoing basis. The reports save you time by compiling all the appropriate country-specific information into one concise source. [Table of Contents available.]

You can easily recognize a Craighead Publication in the PANGAEA.NET bookstore, because the listing will be noted as "[CH]."

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