FEATURE ARTICLE: September 1997 (No. 6.6)

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1997 Annual National Retail Census

As a follow-up to the 1996 Annual National Retail Census, we are pleased to present the Audits & Surveys 1997 findings. While the introduction to these findings may sound familiar, read on to compare the findings between the two years.

Archeologists and anthropologists have long known that ordinary, seemingly insignificant daily acts such as eating, dressing and shopping reveal a great deal about a society and perhaps where it's headed. From our perspective, the trouble with both disciplines is that however perceptive their findings, the insights come too late. Marketers must sell in the here and now. So, rather than wait for archeology and anthropology to catch up, we decided to share the results of ASW's National Retail Census and hazard a few observations on our findings.

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